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Winters at Nottingham: A Guide for Residents 



As it gets colder outside, you may turn on your room heater for the first time that year. Please bleed your heater before using it. Watch this video to learn how to bleed your heater. Message our Slack group if you have questions or issues. If you continue to have issues, speak directly with a maintenance coordinator.



If you have more than one window in your room, it is wise to cover all but one in plastic. It is beneficial to air quality to have at least one window without insulating plastic.




Iota Ct. (pictured) can become especially difficult in the winter. Coming down N. Henry St. can also be bad, but is often a better option both for cars and pedestrians. When the snow is super bad, there are times can be difficult or impossible for a car to make it back up the hill on either side.


When it snows more than 3 inches, Madison will likely send a notice of a Declared Snow Emergency. This means anyone who street parks downtown between 9pm and 7am is supposed to park on a designated side of the street. Go to our Parking Downtown page to learn more. 


When the plows come through, the excess snow often ends up in a heap directly taking over our entire secondary guest spot (in front of the garden). Our primary guest spot (in front of the trash cans) may also become blocked or inaccessible.

In the event an excessive amount of snow accumulates on our roof, it is possible all the snow will fall off at once, creating a loud rumbling noise and may create a shaking sensation due to the intense movement. When this happens, it will end very shortly.


Coming inside with wet shoes can make it more likely to fall down smooth stairs like ours. Stay safe with the coming snow and cold temperatures! 


Finally, please inform your guests of any information relevant to them when visiting.


  • Ice in the alley

  • Ice on our roof

Car Stuff

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