1 Available Now

At about 87.2 sq. ft., our smallest rooms all have a window as well as a heater and a closet. 




1 Available Now

At about 108-117 sq. ft., our medium rooms all have a window as well as a heater and a closet. 




0 Available Now

At about 227 sq. ft., our large rooms all have 3 windows as well as a heater and ample closet space.



All prices shown above are room rates only for a single occupant. Rooms with more than one occupant will be charged a $75 additional person's fee. Read more in our FAQ. The prices do not include utilities/ internet or the food-share cost or fees for additional occupants. Recently, utilities (including internet) have been between 60-100$ per person and foodshare is usually 80$ per person.

All rooms have laminate floor. Keep in mind, at the moment, we do not have photos of every room, so these room photos are for size reference only. The available rooms will be the same size/ associated cost, but the flooring and paint may be different. In addition, none of our rooms come fully furnished.

Room selection is one of the few things we do that is based on seniority. It is possible for a more senior member to block your room selection because they desire that room.  This does not happen often, but it has happened before. If you are concerned about this possibility, talk to your membership coordinator.

We cannot save rooms for people who have not completed the membership process and paid their deposit.