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Before We Became Nottingham

Nottingham Co-op was incorporated in the building at 146 Langdon in 1971. The building existed in various forms for more than forty years before that. Susan Griswold Anthony sent us many of these historic photos. Her father, Paul Griswold, was a member and President of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity that occupied this building in the 1930s. Some of these scans are very interesting as they feature fashions of the time, as well as some vintage automobiles in the driveway!

Past owners include:

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon (1927–1939) - Fraternity

  • Phi Sigma Delta (1940–1942) - Fraternity

  • Shoreland House (1943–1951) - all-girls dormitory

  • Pi Lambda Phi (1952–1970) - Fraternity

Sigma Phi Epsilon Frat 1927

Architecture & Historic Status

The building itself is in the Mediterranean Revivalist style and went up in 1926-27. It was designed by Clarence Sheppard (an architect of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie School in Kansas City) with Law and Potter.


146 Langdon St. is on the National and State Historic Registers.

James Bates, 2000
Newspaper Photo

The Founding of Nottingham as a Cooperative

146 Langdon Street was a squat beginning in 1968. With the help of a lawyer, the residents formally incorporated Nottingham as a housing cooperative. It was at this time that the first copy of our bylaws were written and the articles were officially filed in 1972.

Music & Events at Nottingham

Nottingham has hosted many live music preformances and other events including a film festival, benefit concert, potlucks, and the yearly "NottingFeast," a gathering of current residents, alumni, friends, and folx from other cooperatives.


Nottingham is not currently hosting due to the pandemic, but we will continue to do so again when it is safe to do so. Nottingham has hosted local and touring bands such as Fuck the Facts (2006),  Envy (2006), Killdozer (1983), Swamp Thing (1984), Poster Children (1996), among many others.



as a Home

Nottingham has been a home to hundreds of low and middle income folx since its inception as a cooperative in 1971. Nottingham prides itself on not just  being a place for people to live, but also a place for us to experience community. Many of our members become close and most residents will tell you that their favorite thing about Nottingham is getting to know the other members and going on spontaneous adventures downtown.

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