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The membership process at Nottingham includes the "membershipper" (potential member) attending four meals at the coop, so current residents can get to know and you can get to know us. We want us all to be able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not Nottingham is a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for Nottingham. Please consult our calendar for potential days to come over. It is very important before you come over, you make sure we know you'll be there. The best way to be sure we know you're coming is to email


Do NOT stop by unannounced even if a dinner is scheduled. Members find it jarring for strangers to show up without notice. In addition, if we don't plan for your visit, there won't be anyone to greet you at the door and the cook may cancel last minute without your knowledge. Please have a confirmed date set up before arrival. Giving 48 hours notice is recommended.


At your second or third dinner, you can schedule a membership meeting/ interview that will occur at any point after the fourth dinner. You can even schedule your membership meeting the same day you have your fourth dinner. We schedule membership meetings for 7pm.

At your membership meeting, we will tell you more about the cooperative, make sure you know everything you're supposed to, and we also ask you questions about yourself. It is essentially an interview, so please be prepared for some hard questions. At the end, you have the opportunity to ask current residents questions about themselves. You can also ask questions about the cooperative or about the house process.

When the questions are over, the membershipper (you) will leave (you can either go home or go upstairs) while we discuss your membership among ourselves. We will vote on your membership. At this point or at any point during this process, a single member can block your membership, at which point you would not be accepted. However, this outcome is less likely once a membershipper makes it to a membership interview.

If you have a pet, your pet will need to attend 2 - 3 dinners (2 for cats, 3 for dogs) at the co-op and have a separate pet-ship meeting. Your pet will be accepted or rejected independently of whether or not you are accepted or rejected. The pet-ship meeting will require a 48 hour notice in our journal. Make sure to time, date, and sign it, or it will not be valid.


  • You should plan to park about 2 blocks away. We have a gust spot available in front of two trash cans (to the right of the door and to the left of our personal cars), but it is sometimes occupied.

  • If you have a car and there is a spot available, you can schedule a car-ship meeting (requires 48 hours notice in journal). However, there is usually a 6-12 month waiting list.

  • Typical lease is 1 year.

  • Move in date done on a case by case basis.


If you are accepted, the following will proceed:

  • You will give your 500$ security deposit to one of the treasurers.

  • You can put in a 48 hour notice in our notebook to pick a room.

  • You can put in a 48 hour notice to claim a storage space.

  • You can put in a 48 hour notice to claim a space on our bike rack.

  • We will add your to our private Facebook group.

  • We will add you to our texting group

Once you move in, the following will proceed:

  • You will begin to pay rent & utilities for your room retroactive to when you moved in.

  • You will pick 2-3 house jobs.

  • Your name will be added to the bathroom jobs board.

  • Your name will be added to the kitchen cleaning board.

  • You can pick your 1 day per 3 weeks that you plan to cook for the house.

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