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Independent Housing Cooperative



Founded in 1971, Nottingham is a consensus driven, community-oriented housing cooperative located on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. When you live at Nottingham, you're part of a cooperative community working to make the house a better place to live for all of us.


Nottingham’s goal is to be a safe and welcoming place for women, LGBTQIA+ / GRSM (gender, romantic, & sexual minorities), people of color, and people of all ages, and economic backgrounds. We regularly host live music performances by local and touring bands for the public and occasionally have game/ movie nights for our housemates. In addition, each year around Thanksgiving, we celebrate Nottingfeast, a gathering for current and former residents, other coopers, friends, and community members. 


Join us for a life of uncommon quality. 







Nottingham is first and foremost a community of individuals who care about one another and our house. We work together to make it better by taking on responsibilities like gardening, cooking, organizing maintenance, etc. We enjoy spending time with each-other and sometimes organize game nights, watch movies, and work on large house projects as a team.



The foodshare provides all members with vegetarian and vegan meals as well as access to bulk food and miscellaneous items.

Parking Spots


Six parking spots are available to members with appropriately sized cars. There is usually a 6-12 month waitlist for spots.



Our library features hundreds of books contributed from current and former members.

Upright Piano


An upright piano and several other instruments are available in the ballroom.

Sauna, Large Tub, & Showers


There are two showers (one on the second and  third floor) as well as a bathtub on the second floor and a sauna on the third floor.

Meditation Room


A meditation room is available in the attic. We have exercise balls, a punching bag, and other equipment as well.

Free Washer & Dryer


One washer and one dryer are located in a room near the kitchen in the basement area.

Garden & Compost


The garden is taken care of members who enjoy the task. Our garden yields fruits and vegetables for housemates. 

Live Music Performances

Nottingham regularly hosts live music performances by local and touring bands. Performances are free to members.

Heater in Every Room

Every room at Nottingham comes with a water heater installed in 2018.

Projector in Ballroom

The projector lets members watch movies in the ballroom and occasionally, we have movie-nights.

Lake Access

Nottingham is a lakeside residence with a wonderful view of Lake Mendota from our two balconies, one patio, and ballroom.



We have rooms ranging from 87.2 - 227 square feet. 

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